Wednesday, January 9, 2008

God wouldn't give me anything I couldn't handle...

This little quote is well said. I have yet to figure out my little 9 year old son. Whoever told me that being a parent is the hardest job you will ever have wasn't kidding. How can one little person fill your whole heart with more love than you ever imagined and at the same time make you so frustrated you feel like...well you can fill in the blank!? There is no way to prepare a new parent for all of the emotions and feelings they will experience when they bring that precious baby home. Maybe that is why so many of us stop riding roller coasters... we are on one too many days of the week. I wouldn't trade this experience of being a mother for anything. I find comfort in knowing that my faith, patience, commitment, love, and happiness blossomed when I became a mother. I thank God first then Davis.


Melissa said...

I love the little sign. I have a girl friend I'm going to send the link to. 'Son up to son down..."

Feel free to add me to your list, I'll do the same for yours.

A Day in the Life

wornoutwoman said...

Love your blog! Glad I found it~;)

Michelle.... said...

Thanks! I'm glad you did too. I'm enjoying yours too.

We've been to a few hockey games. I'm hoping for a basketball team.

Do you live near Tinker?I taught in Mid-Del a few years back.

Talk to ya soon!