Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bubble Tea!

My new addiction! I love the stuff. My student Lily introduced me to it. It's flavored ice tea with tapioca balls. You can get it at Wahaha on Broadway or Tao Cafe' near Target. My favorite is black milk tea with boba otherwise known as Taiwanese Tea. Yum Yum!

*If you have texture issues the balls may not be for you, some have compared them to boogers, I like to think of them as gummy bears :)

I'm Alive....

Not only is that my favorite verse in a song by "Leeland", it's what I have to say about myself. My life has been a whirlwind these past few weeks. Woking fulltime is kicking my hiney. I actually do enjoy my job but balancing work and home is a real challenge.

In addition to being busy working and the such I had two sick kids last week. Sophie developed her 1st ear infection by Thursday. She was miserable to say the least. I know earaches can compare to a terrible tooth ache. Poor girl! In addition to that Davis ran a fever and had flu symptoms off and on all week and missed 3 days of school. I pray that David and I stay healthy. I don't think my Principal would like me to miss anymore days since I have only been at her school since March 5th.

Today I spent the whole day at a Celebrate Recovery leader training. It was GREAT! We even got to see and hear the founder John Baker from Southern Cal. I have been rejuvinated.

When I arrived home I headed to Choctaw to pick up a new table and booth I bought on Craigslist. It is so neat! We had one growing up and I always loved it. I have been looking for one for my small eat in kitchen and finally found it! Not too fancy but it does the job :) If you haven't discovered Craigslist I highly recommend checking it out! We have bought and sold several things using it.

I actually got pulled over after I pulled a u-turn on a small residential street on my way to pick up this table. The kind officer responded well when I informed him I was on my way to pick up and item I had bought on Craigslist and that I had not been pulled over in over 10 years. He said he uses Craigslist all the time and then wanted to know why I was pulled over last :) I was speeding down Blvd. one night going 42 in a 35 in case you were curious. :) So here are a few picks of this thing I bought! Enjoy.