Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who would have known this little blessing could already look like this at 12 weeks? I have never had an ultrasound at this week so I was surprised. Things are progressing well. That was nice to hear. 28 more weeks to go! That should fly by...or not.

On another note we are all buckled down for another ice storm in Oklahoma City! All schools are cancelled and we've been warned that there will be a lot of power outages... we were fortunate enough not to have lost power during the Icestorm of 2007. Hopefully not this time either :(

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I must forge on...

I have not been absent from blogland, just not actively participating. This last week has been horrible for me. I won't bore you with the details but basically my body does not react well to Prometrium, the medicine I've been taking for several weeks, to aid in keeping this little baby where it needs to be. After visiting the Dr. 2 days in a row with symptoms that can only be described as flu like, I spent the majority of this last week homebound and recliner bound. I'm not sure I have ever felt so weak and tired, even after 20 hours of labor and delivering my last baby. Needless to say I took my last dose of Prometrium Friday night. I am praying that my symptoms start to reside. So far things are in the below average range, but not misery, thank goodness. I am starting my twelfth week so that should help too. Placenta take over please!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cotton Pickin

Since moving South 17 years ago I have always been fascinated with cotton fields. The first time I saw one was on a road trip to New Mexico with dad. I made him pull over so I could "pick cotton". Since then I have always enjoyed seeing the cotton fields when we travel. Sounds silly I know but it's just not something you see in the NW. Davis,when you were 4 or 5 we had to stop and "pick cotton", and on a recent trip to Texas we had to stop and "pick cotton"AGAIN, for Sophie's sake. Sophie I knew you would be excited, and Davis I knew you wouldn't stay in the car for too long, thanks for joining us! I know you were just stretching your legs. Dad, thanks for always cheerfully tolerating my strange requests. So here you have it a few "cotton pickin" pics

New Birth's 2010

Haven't been as consistent about posting as I would like. I love to look back at my old posts from time to time and catch up on what we've been doing around the Brown house, as I seem to forget things a lot.

So, Davis we want you to know we are overjoyed at your decision to put on Christ in baptism last Sunday evening (January 10, 2010). We know that you have have been contemplating this decision for quite some time. Your decision to follow Jesus makes us so happy. We have prayed from the very beginning of your life that you would commit your life to Christ. We will continue to pray that you live for Jesus in your daily choices, struggles, and victories. And don't forget Sophie's comment to you as we were leaving the church "Brother, thank you for getting baptized!"

With that new birth for 2010 we are also anticipating the arrival of another birth in August, as you know. Sorry I haven't been myself these past weeks. I know I have been grumpy, tired, unenergetic, and a bit snippy at times. Unenergetic is not a word by the way. Things should and will get better. I am 11 weeks along and symptoms are slowly subsiding, thank goodness because it's hard to teach those middle schoolers when I feel so crummy, much less can hardly run to the bathroom. Sophie thank you for all the name suggestions, I am certainly keeping them in mind. In fact one of your girl names is a front runner. Davis I could use a little help here! Any boy names you can think of?

Well it's time to get motivated and take a shower...

Friday, January 1, 2010

8 weeks and counting!!!

So there is really a baby in there and it's growing and thriving! 2 weeks ago the heartbeat was 113, and yesterday 168! We were thrilled!!! I will have progesterone levels checked Monday. I feel like they have come up because I have "morning sickness" all day for the most part. If that has anything to do with it??? Well 2010 will be an eventful year at the Brown house! Many blessings to you and your family!