Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

So, I have some great news, but I need prayers too!

After several weeks of feeling "odd", I decided to take a pregnancy test last Saturday morning. To my surprise it was a +!!!!! I ran upstairs to share the news with David, yes he knew I had ran to the store to pick one up. We hugged and kissed, I jumped up and down etc... It was fun telling our family! They were very surprised, as were we.

I am considered one of those fertility puzzlements. Irregular everything, if you get my drift. Needed help to conceive Davis, and it took 5 years to conceive Sophie! That required help as well. So, this has all occurred with God's blessing and intervention, at least most of it. Smile.

So since learning this information I have had a long week. Went to the Dr. on Monday to learn I was 10 weeks. Not by ultrasound. I was ecstatic! Then on Tuesday continued to experience spotting and some cramping, that has been occurring for the past several weeks. Went in on Wednesday to confirm DD, saw the heartbeat, and learned I am only 6-7 weeks. I also learned I have a UTI and very low progesterone levels. So I started Prometrium. Learned today that my HcG levels are rising like they should. I loved hearing that. The spotting is continuing, which is very scary. I understand it is common with low progesterone, but it is very difficult to not think of miscarriage.

I would like prayers for this little baby to stay strong and I pray that we will have a full term pregnancy. If you have had a similar experience with the low progesterone levels, I could use some encouragement! Thank you friends!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Texas Thanksgiving

Finally getting a chance to write since the last time. We had a nice Thanksgiving holiday with Aunt Joy in Abilene. It flew by as usual. She was so kind to make a GF bread and pumpkin pie for me! Yumo! We were also able to help her some around the house and rake her leaves. Kids you were a huge help! Who would have thought hauling bags to the alley would be fun for you? You never cease to amaze me!

We departed early to see Case and Brad play in the semi-final FB game in Aledo Texas, Graham vs. Bridgeport, Graham won-YAY!. Friday night lights in Texas is always an unforgettable experience! It was also great to see the rest of the McCoy's. To our surprise we also saw Scott and Bryce (2 of dads friends from HS who also played for Brad in Lovington). Crazy!

Upon returning home I dove right in to painting the dining and living room. It is finally finished, and I'm very pleased. It was sooooo needed.

Sophie I just have to mention that you are obsessed with a little boy 5 years your senior. Daniel. Really? This is already starting? You carry his picture. You look for him where ever we go. You even talk about him with your BF. Dad and I are already praying :)

Tomorrow starts another basketball season for you, first game at 1pm. Go Davis, post up!

So this is a short and sweet post because I am currently watching the Horns and the Huskers... please Texas pull through! Go COLT!