Saturday, January 5, 2008


What a relief to sit alone. I even took a nap today. I wouldn't have needed one had I not stayed up until 2am reading other blogs. It can be addicting. I'm not actually alone, my daughter is...was...sleeping. I spoke to soon.

The boys went to see National Treasure. I had no desire. I think I need to watch the first one before I go to the 2nd. I'd rather read blogs.

Sophie beckons...


Anita said...

I think if I was alone I'd take a nap, too! What a luxury!
That was one thing I had to get used to when I started homeschooling... The only time I'm alone now is in the shower... lol
And believe me, I do know how addicting the blogs are!!

rebecca marie said...

i would give a LOT for an hour alone. i mean a real whole lot!