Thursday, October 23, 2008

Say No to Pepto!

I am going on day 5 of having a stomach virus! Just when I think it's over it comes back...I've been asked"what have you taken for it?", if you know me, medicine is a last resort. I typically like to let things run their course. Usually it's not this long! I have tried Tums and Pepto, only once...because to no avail they both came back up! I have gone about 12 hours without...well you know. I am praying that this bout is over.

As for my students at school, they probably think I skipped town. I do have to admit I did enjoy my Fall Break. I think I will actually be able to return to school on Monday. That is if Sophie doesn't get it...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch


My little ones are growing up...

We have celebrated a few birthdays in the last month so I must post. This blog is also my form of a "memory book". I know it's sad.

Davis had his 2nd annual campout for his birthday. We stayed at the same site as last year at Laka Arcadia...on Texas/OU weekend. Go Colt McCoy! Our cousin...I've been told I can root for Colt but not Texas :)

Sophie's party was at the church in September on a very rainy day. We had a great time!

This is the only pic of Davis;I learned 10 year old boys would rather play than get there picture taken.

Home Sick...

It's been a little while since my last post. I've decided I'm going to make a New Year's resolution to post everyday for at least a full month in 2009. Perhaps the whole year, we'll see...

On Sunday Davis came down with a stomach bug in the wee hours of the morn...Needless to say I had it by Monday morning and in to this morning. I have been home from school for 6 days if you count Fall Break. We are feeling much better. The sad part is it reminds me how much I loved being a SAHM! Even if I was sick part of the time. I have truly become a homebody.

I have had some extra time to surf the internet reading sites I don't get to frequent as often as I'd like. I'm an information junkie I guess. I love educating myself about so many different kinds of things... So I guess I can say I'm not only home sick, but I'm also homesick.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Elephant Ears

I have always loved elephant ears! It first started at the California State Fair. We would always eat an elephant ear. It's the fried bread similar to the bread of an indian taco. They were served with I love the funnel cake. I haven't seen "elephant ears" sold at the Oklahoma State Fair, but I'm sure I could ask for an indian taco w/o the fixins.

So, as I've matured I've also grown to love elephant ears in the yard. I planted these in the Spring and they are massive...whoops. I thought they would be a little smaller. So hear is Sophie posing by them...soon after she tore one in half; it has yet to mend :(

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Extreme Aquatic Team

We are so proud of our Davis and his new sport of swimming with the Extreme Aquatic Team. He has really wanted to try it for some time so we finally decided to give it a try.He's been at it about a month. He is enjoying it so far. Man, do they work hard! It is such a great work out. A full hour of swimming. He just advanced to the next group and can now practice everyday if he chooses, although I think we will be doing 3 for now.

So for now I am spending many hours at school, football games(cheer coach), and the swimming pool! I miss home :(

(for some reason I can not post an image)