Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random Thoughts thursday, almost missed it!

I coached MS Cheer this year, we are having try-outs tomorrow ... it will be a long day, I can barely watch some of them.

I hate that I have zero time to plan or actually cook something gluten-free, I can't wait for summer!

On that note my job was eliminated, looking for a new position... who ever heard of special education jobs being cut???

There are at least 3 piles of CLEAN clothes I need to re-fold and put up, why am I on here??? Maybe because I was at work for 10 hours today...

I've been listening to the neighbor boy do tricks on his skateboard for the last hour, not far from my bedroom window

I have a hard time being random...

What a boring post

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I have a new appreciation for the OKC Memorial Marathon

Although I did NOT run a marathon or even a half marathon this weekend, I feel as if I have been running all weekend.

Friday consisted of attending CR at our church and then a late night at SB with a few friends.

Saturday started out w/ 2 bball games for my son then on to the OKC Arts Festival. I always enjoy attending this event for the food, atmosphere, music, and of course the art! My favorite artist is the woman who "paints" using an ink pad and her fingerprints to create beautiful paintings.

On to the Hartman's for a wonderful dinner. Their backyard is amazing! and the weather was perfect.

I was not sure what to expect when I agreed to sign up to attend the OKC Memorial Kid's Marathon this morning, at 7am. It was so much better than I ever expected! After finishing that, my son and I headed over to the finish line. We were able to watch numerous runners finish the 1/2 marathon. I saw several faces I knew, and had fun embarrassing Davis as I cheered on a few friends who finished. We also had the privilege of seeing several of the 26.2 er's! I actually fought back tears watching all of these runners. It takes such hard work and dedication to accomplish a race, no matter what distance it is. I know, I used to be a runner back in the day... just finishing was all I cared about. I was so inspired... enough to train in the next year?... perhaps. Davis is interested too, so we shall see.

I encourage anyone who knows someone racing or who just wants to have a fun and memorable experience, go to a race and watch, better yet volunteer! It is so much fun!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A memorable Saturday

Today started out as many Saturday's do for us. My son had 2 basketball games this morning. Following the games we ate lunch with our family. That is always enjoyable. We are very open around each other which makes for a wild and crazy time. Sometimes we get some looks, but we just chuckle.

Following lunch we headed home. I was dreading doing the laundry that has piled up since our dryer is not working (getting fixed Monday). I had already loaded 4 baskets of clothes in to my van, in hopes that I would make it to the laundromat sometime today. Sophie and David fell asleep on the couch and Davis and I headed to Walmart. After that stop I mentioned we would be going to do the laundry... he wanted to be taken home. I offered to get some ice cream if he would come to help. Little did he know we would be there over three hours.

I grew up going to the laundromat, nothing new to me. For him,however, it was all new. He ended up loading washers, loading dryers, checking for damp clothes, transferring damp clothes, folding, and loading the HEAVY baskets back in to the van. I was sooooo impressed. It was a very creative way for us to bond, even though it took a little bribing. It would have been much harder without him. At the end when I was sorting and matching socks I encouraged him to sit down and rest. He was kind enough to say " you haven't taken a break so I shouldn't take a break". If you know my little son he is typically dry and matter of fact, this was one of the sweetest things he has said to me in a long time. I never anticipated what I felt or experienced today. It was a very special time.

It is so amazing what happens when people work together side by side for a common goal. It provides so many different opportunities to grow closer. As touched as I was I am not sure I will ever be able to get him to go again :)

Tomorrow we have the chore of putting all those clothes away, work never ends....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Random thoughts thursday, almost missed it!

We are off to LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) tomorrow, the Anatole is an awesome place to stay

Ikea I will see you on Saturday!!!

I had no idea what fires could do so quickly until today... devastating! Midwest City of Ember, I am praying for you tonight :(

I scored a 60% on a "Could I survive poverty" evaluation yesterday, very interesting to say the least. Most of the teachers did not score that high, i wonder what you would score?

Purcell is Quarter Horse country?

Today I could not cut out a full circle for my students, they died laughing... my creation looked like a very fluffy bottom in my words, they used a different term of course

You need to make a huge effort to attend Celebrate Recovery @ MRCC on June 5th, it will be AMAZING!

I love KFOR4, great coverage! I like Chellie too :)

I paid for $5.00 of gas today with all coins, don't ask!

Why am I always in a hurry?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What happened while I was 34...

I guess there were some things that did occur over the last year of my life, so here is a random list...

I decided I love to end thoughts with a "..."

I became more interested in FB and the blog world

Hosted a student from Taiiwan, Panama, and now Saudi Arabia

Got a teaching position at Crooked Oak

Became female Ministry Leader for CR

prepared more meals at home than ever before

lost a beautiful member of our extended family, Connor Deal

grew to love my children and husband more each day

made 2 new friends whom I cherish

owned more dogs in a year than ever before, currently have 2

diagnosed with Celiac disease

threw up more times than any previous year of my life

learned how to eat gluten free

received my first speeding ticket

Oh, I'm sure there more, but there is list to start :)