100 Things about me...

  1. Jesus lover
  2. Love to learn 
  3. Eat gluten free
  4. Moved a lot in my life
  5. Youngest of 5
  6. I had nephews when I was born
  7. I am a Great Aunt
  8. Love massages
  9. Adventurous
  10. Love avacadoes
  11. I have been to 8 countries
  12. I love to eat artichokes
  13. I was born in Sacramento
  14. I had braces
  15. I wrecked a truck at age 12, ran it in to a tree
  16. I love to ride horses bare back
  17. First name is Kathyren
  18. Becoming a homebody more and more
  19. Didn't see Star Wars until I was an adult
  20. Have owned five houses
  21. Was baptized at age 12
  22. Once wanted to be a Police Officer
  23. Push snooze at least twice
  24. Love to eat breakfast foods
  25. Don't care for pie, prefer cake
  26. Have had house broken in to
  27. Love to watch Roseanne (don't judge)
  28. Chocolate is a my newest obsession
  29. I would love to travel the US in an RV
  30. I have not seen my best friend, growing up years, in 10 years!
  31. I think tatoos are dirty... sorry friends
  32. My dad died of cancer when I was 9
  33. I am a medical transcriptionist
  34. I have had my gallbladder removed
  35. I hate litter
  36. I prefer cats over dogs
  37. Want to live near the ocean
  38. Would like to get my nursing degree
  39. I have nursed my children at least 15 months each
  40. I was a doula and have attended 5 births, other than my own
  41. I had a doula for my last 2 births at it was amazing, highly recommend it
  42. I heart creme soda
  43. Banana milkshakes are my fave
  44. I can have a crude sense of humor
  45. I am forgiving
  46. Compassionate
  47. Want to see Ireland
  48. Love to vaccum with a hose
  49. Gardening is therapeutic
  50. Would like to open a coffee/dessert house someday
  51. Enjoy live folky type music
  52. Was a die hard ER fan
  53. Love Ben Stiller movies
  54. I admire large families
  55. I would love to see Greece
  56. I am a fan of a greasy spoon restaurant 
  57. I love spell check
  58. I have nice handwriting
  59. I prefer working with inner city kids
  60. I want to become fluent in Spanish
  61. I have IBS
  62. I Love essential oils
  63. I would live in San Francisco