Sunday, November 15, 2009

My camera is no where to be found!

Therefore I can't post any pics! I've been wanting to post a few from the CR retreat we attended over Halloween weekend. I have a great pic of Colt as Colt McCoy and Daniel as Sam Bradford, it's adorable. FYI: Colt and Sam, you know you have arrived when little boys are dressing up as you for Halloween :) Just in case you ever read my blog! Amy maybe you can tell Colt :)

So, my kiddos. This last week flew by. Only one to go then a short week and we will be celebrating Thanksgiving! It will be nice to see Aunt Joy after not seeing her for several months. Today we are going to enjoy a nice dinner w/ Nana to celebrate Thanksgiving with her. Then to the info meeting for LTC. Davis, I'm excited for this event again this year! I praise you for making the commitment.

Our weekend consisted of me feeling under the weather most of the time, some sinus/cold junk :( Davis, as usual I loved cheering you on at your FB game Saturday! loved watching you catch those passes! I also greatly appreciated your help with all of the leaf raking. You were so thoughtful to make a pile for Sophie to jump in, since she had talked about it several times. Who would have known she would have taking a nap for over 3 hours. She was thrilled to jump in to them today, even though they were wet. That girl! Oh, and the cutest thing you did this weekend Sophie... you wanted to find the current Bible story you are studying Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus, in both of your Bible's, then you so carefully marked the pages and had them ready to take to church. You were so prepared and proud... then they were accidently left right on my bed :(

Can't believe the weekend is coming to a close. BIack to the grind tomorrow.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A fast week

So kids it has been a pretty good week. Sophie I hate that you were sick on Monday with a high fever, however, it was short lived and you were better by Tuesday afternoon. Davis you can't seem to get enough of this new xbox of yours. Thankfully you respect the limits we have set. Not to mention you are so responsible with your school work. We don't ever have to push you to do your homework or nightly reading of 20 minutes, thank you for that!

Sophie, tonight you were whisked away by your aunt Moni for a sleep-over. You'll be back early in the morn. So, we'll have our "girl's night" next week :) I'm sure more than once, even if you decide to invite the boys like you usually do. Your so considerate of others.

So Davis, this weekend we get to watch you catch a few at your FB game. You did great last weekend and I'm sure you will again. It is so fun to watch you! You have no idea! Not to mention your sportsmanship you have always showed.

Well guys, I'm sure I'll write more this weekend,
Love you

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Approach

Since starting this blog I have gone back and forth as to what I should put on it. For the most part it has been very random, with several stretches of not blogging. So today while driving, I reflected on the purpose of my blog. I came to the conclusion that my original purpose was to create something like a journal/"baby book" for my kids. That being said I am going to try and do just that.

So here goes...

Davis and Sophie,
Today was an eventful day. We picked Davis up from a sleepover and headed to his 8am FB game. Davis you played GREAT! The fact that you are about 5'4 is such an advantage for you. You caught several passes. I couldn't help but notice your sweet cousin apologizing to you on the sideline for stealing one of your TD's. You two have such a great relationship, you get along so well. My prayer is that the two of you will grow as Christian's and cheer each other on through MS and HS.

Sophie you and I went to a few yard sales after the game, Davis opted out... We bought a very annoying squaking rubber chicken, some hybiscus pods, a Veggie tales CD, and a scale... that I plan to decopauge. We returned home for you to take a nap before we ventured out to see Where the Wild things Are and Davis you went to see A Christmas Carol with your Nana. Sophie you barely made it through the movie, but not because it was scary... you actually got bored, which has been the case in most movies we have been to. We may wait to attend one for awhile.

We returned home for some fun adventures on the trampoline while we waited for Davis to get home... in hopes that he would join us. Instead our dog Jack did... no surprise, he loves the tramp. We also discovered a random watermelon growing in the middle of the backyard and a sharp piece of iron sticking through the fence. This may be the cause of Jacks injury??? We'll fix it tomorrow.

Dinner was fried rice... again! Thank you Sophie for helping prepare the veggies. I'm sorry you burned your hand on the skillet when you put them in. You did such a great job eating it too, for some reason you weren't picky tonight, you ate all the veggies! Davis I don't think the PB and J that you opted for will hold you through the night!

Davis I'm sitting here writing as I listen to you snoring. You crashed at 9:30 tonight while we were watching OU lose to Nebraska. It's 10:10 pm with 9:33 left in the game the score is 3/10... them, I'm prayerful for a TD to make dads trip to Nebraska worth it. I take that back it was worth it, he got to see cousin Roger and spend time w/ uncle Anson.

Night Night

Random Thoughts I don't Want to forget

Here is my patient son Davis... he really is so sweet with the little ones!
Meet Lesley, our new student from China. This our first time to host a student from China. She is very kind and sweet with Sophie!
This is our Jack! About 2 weeks ago we came home to find him with an enormous laceration on his back hip, about 6 inches long and very jagged! It was horrible. After rushing him to the vet he ended up having surgery and had to wear this cone for 10 days. He also had to be indoors for 10 days! a challenge for an outdoor dog. Well, all has healed well and he is back to normal.