Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cao Nguyen

Last night I had the privilege of visiting our Asian market in OKC. Where have I been? The selections were awesome; if you are looking for veggies, meat or seafood. Of course if you have rabbit, goat, or beef hooves on your list you can get those too! It was a wonderful cultural experience for my son. Although he mentioned feeling a bit sick by the time we were leaving. His little 9 year old body is not accustomed to smelling so much fish, clams, oysters, etc...although he did enjoy watching the crabs laying in a box snapping their pincher's! We decided we would return when we actually knew what we would cook with all of our great finds. What I liked best were the prices! Some items in the produce section were less than half of what I have been paying at the grocery store down the street. It helped to have Lily along to point out the better quality items. So for those of you who have access to such a store, check it out! It was an enriching experience to say the least!

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wornoutwoman said...

Amen to this one! My mom shops here to get all our yummy Asian ingredients so she can cook our favs.