Thursday, April 14, 2011

My sister, please pray for her...

Happy Birthday Kimmy! Cheesecake Factory 2009, Disneyland
I have three half sisters that live in California.  We have the same father. This is Kim the youngest of the three.  She is fighting for her life.  This was the summer of 2009 in California, the last time I saw her.  Since then she has had several surgeries on her legs for blood clots.  Three weeks ago she had one leg amputated above the knee due to this terrible cardiovascular disease that she has.  She found out last week that they will also have to take the other leg when her body is stable.  Since learning that news she has suffered a second heart attack.  Tomorrow she will be having a bypass surgery that is somewhat experimental... they will be using a vein from her arm.  She needs all the prayers she can get.  Just when she was starting to accept the amputation the heart issues increased. She has been very distraught these last few days, fearing she is going to die.  Kim is a fighter and full of life! I pray that her little body will be able to withstand this surgery and that God will intervene and surprise HER and all of her doctors.  Thank you for your prayers!