Friday, July 24, 2009

Colt McCoy is "carrying the candle" to his teammates!

Since becoming a star QB for Texas I know Colt has had his fair share of challenges. I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to walk a Christian walk in the position he is in. Word has it that Colt is doing just that. I spoke with my aunt in Abilene today and she shared with me that he had been studying with some of his teammates and baptized 5 of them this past week. It brought tears to my eyes! I know this must have been very difficult to spark interest in the hearts of these young men and I am so encouraged and uplifted to know that he is "carrying the candle" to the Longhorn players.

The story and connection behind the McCoy family is such an interesting one. My mother and Colt's grandmother are first cousins. Therefore Colt is my 4th cousin. In addition to that Colt's father, Brad, took his first coaching job under my father-in-law in New Mexico. Colt was born in Hobbs while they were living there. Following their stint in NM they moved on to Texas. I first met my McCoy cousins when I was about 14, they had recently moved from NM... little did I know they were already friends with the Brown family, in which I would marry in to some years later. When I began dating David I mentioned that the closest relatives I had to Oklahoma were in Abilene, the McCoy's. We eventually realized the connection. That Thanksgiving of my freshman year in college I spent it in Abilene with the McCoy's. David dropped me off on his way to NM. They already knew him... perhaps better than I. Brad had nothing but great things to say about David; that was comforting. That same Thanksgiving I remember throwing the football with Colt on many occasion. I remember thinking "he sure is good for a little guy..." Little did we know what God had planned for him.

Since coming to Oklahoma I have had many more opportunities to spend time with the McCoy's. From family reunions to frequent visits to the Abilene area. They are an amazing family who has been a wonderful example to me in more ways than one!