Monday, December 17, 2007

Sweet Potato Pie!

I had my first taste of sweet potato pie this year. After delivering meals on Thanksgiving at our church we returned to the building to have our meal. I commented on how wonderful the pumpkin pie was. I was quickly informed that it was sweet potato not pumpkin. Needless to say I ate two more pieces that day.

I made my first sweet potato pie this weekend. It is almost gone!

If you like pumpkin pie try sweet potato someday it is soooo good!!!



Hello. I don't know how long ago you went to Camp Yamhill, but my grandparents, George and Rutie Butcher, used to be the cook and caretakers between '83 and '96. I am also looking on your blog at the other blogs you look at and you share one with my sister in law, Katie Isenberg. She is the childrens ministry director at Mayfield Church of Christ. I actually live in Newberg. Anyway...I just thought I would share a little bit. Camp should be fine, they get this every once in a while. It, as you probably know, rains quite abit. =)


I meant George and Ruthie Butcher.

Anita said...

I love sweet potato pie, too!
Your verse in the sidebar is one of the verses that has kept me afloat since the tornado...
Thanks for stoppoing by - always love meeting new people!