Friday, December 14, 2007

Phillips Craig & Dean

Last night we had the opportunity to go to a free concert put on by Phillips Craig and Dean! It was so fun. This was Davis' fisrt concert, he really enjoyed it. I had no idea how many songs I knew that they sing.

Something odd did happen. A man behind me tapped on my shoulder and asked if I attended the church we were at. "No", I replied. He then continued to inform me that PCD was involved w/ Pentecostal Oneness...a church that believes in baptism as part of salvation, "like the CofC" he said. I proceeded to inform him I was a member of the CofC. He was quiet for a moment, then started quoting verses. I believe he was intending to have an all out discussion about this 5 mins. before the concert. I'm sure he sensed I was not interested. Before he slipped out w/ his son 30 mins. before the concert was over he handed me a brochure bashing PCD...what nerve.

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