Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blowing Snow!

It's blowing snow here in the great state of Oklahoma! This morning I watched the weather and didn't bat an eye at the report ...until I walked out of the mall at 2:20 pm this afternoon. Oh, and that's another story in itself! So, needless to say we are experiencing yucky weather, to say the least. My 9 year old has bloodshot eyes from watching TV all morn and playing a video game. He looks forward to Saturday's because we don't have cable, so he doesn't watch TV during the week. He crams it all in on Saturday mornings. Sooo.....I better go talk him in to playing a board game or something...and maybe have some hot chocolate.


Tara Hobbs said...

Looks like we got out of there just in time!! It was about 60 degrees when we drove in to Houston this afternoon!! Stay warm and Merry Christmas!!

Anita said...

Love the picture.. Looks like our neighborhood did on Saturday! :)