Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My son would like to share a room with his sister!

Davis has been asking to share a room with Sophie for awhile now. He really doesn't like being upstairs by himself. Unfortunately her room is so small, even a temporary change wouldn't work unless he slept on the floor, which he would probably do! One night he put her to bed and fell asleep too, we didn't wake him...and they both slept the whole night like this. Mind you he is a pretty big boy for this little twin bed...it was too sweet!(I used a flash but it was actually very dark in this room, you can see Sophie covered her face in one pic from the light, Davis slept through the wholde thing)


DeeDee said...

yes, that is so sweet. Caleb is like that with Cali. He always wants us to put her in bed with him. SHe is too little now obbiously, but we told him one of these days.

Lesley said...

My sister and I slept in a twin forever- and there were 2 beds in our room! That is sweet!