Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Little Sophie!!!

I wanted to have a natural childbirth this go around so my wonderful SIL read up on "doulaing" and assisted David through out the 20 hour process. We couldn't have done it without her. She and Sophie have a special bond to this day...Sophie absolutely adores her Aunt Moni.

Dad was a great support through the whole thing! Here I am wearing him out. I didn't get in the bed until the last hour in a half or so to actually push. Other than that I was up and down the halls, in the shower, on the birthing ball, you name it we tried it!

Here we are about 5 hours after Sophie was born. Her big brother was only 6 at the time...he was so proud, and still is.

Here is one of my favorite pics of Sophie as a baby! She was worth every hour of labor, I wouldn't change the experience for anything! Happy birthday Sophie, you are more than we could ever imagine!


Heather said...

Sophie is beautiful!! happy birthday to her!
And, about the cheerleading blog--I feel for you! It can be SO dramatic! I cheered in high school and college--and the drama never ends--but cheerleading is SO much fun! Enjoy your time with those girls!

Farmer at Heart said...

Wow, I remember watching videos of natural birth in my Biology of Women class, and ever since then, I swore that if I decided to have children, it was going to be the natural way. I give you props, although 20 hours sounds like it is pushing it, no pun intended! :)