Thursday, October 28, 2010

Out of the mouth of babes...

At the Dr. office:
Sophie to nurse, refferring to Camille... "she realizes you from when you gave her her shots". (thankfully Camille was in a great mood when this was said)

Sophie to Dr. Mickey... "you took forever" (in reality it was about 3-4 minutes wait time)

Camille: big explosion in pants
Sophie: "Mom was that you?"
Me: "um no, Camille just filled her pants"
Sophie to friend, and a few other parents around: " I wasn't sure because some times she says it's Camille, when it was really her".
Me: Speechless, and I can't believe I just wrote that!

Davis: "two 7th grade girls like me"
Me: " how do you know that?"
Davis: " because they always want to sit by me on the bus"
Me: "do you like either of them?"
Davis: "no"
Me: "why"
Davis: "because they are in 7th grade"
Me: a sigh of relief! and many other mixed emotions!

Davis: " I talked to Mrs. McBride tonight"
Me: "Really, about what?"
Davis: "she asked me if I was a soph. or a jr."
Me: "what!, did you tell her you just turned 12?"
Davis: "she said, "are you kidding me!?"

Sophie: "do I have to marry my first boyfriend?"
Me: " most likely you will not"
Sophie: "how will I know who I am going to marry?, how did you know dad was who you wanted to marry?"
Me thinking: she is only 5, I am not ready for this!!!

And sadly....
Sophie: "she gets all of the attention, everyone thinks she is so cute, I don't like being the big sister"
Me: "oh, honey... you are adorable too, and you can do so many neat things that you are going to be able to teach her. We love you so much"
Sophie: "I just didn't know she would be this cute."
Me: Confused and heartbroken. Any advice is welcome. We're trying our best to make her feel special and not 2nd best. I am grateful she is able to articulate how she feels even though it's a bit heartbreaking.


Amy said...

Michelle; Loved this post. So sweet to hear your conversations with your beautiful kiddos! By the way you said all of the right things I think! Precious! Your pictures on facebook are so great of the kids. Glad that all is going good! Hope to see you at Christmas. Love, Amy

Wa Wa Waughs said...

That really was sweet! You are a great parent!

Older girls always chased after my boys, too. Watch out for them! I think they (oldergirls) think they can control them more since they have the age advantage. Of course the boys are flattered so it's hard to resist. Good for Davis.

FYI - my 9th grader has a 10th grade girlfriend!

Michelle said...

Advice as far as Sophie goes...we don't have that same issue cause Cooper isn't really old enough to think like that, but we try to do things just with Cooper when we can, one time I took him to the post office and the gas station, just him, this week Jeremy took him out to the bonfire and Maddie and I stayed behind, just small things to make them still feel special seem to go a long way~

Donnetta Lee said...

Hi, Michelle! Boy the kids are getting bigger! You sound great. Sure would like to hear from you. Take care. D


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