Sunday, June 20, 2010


Tonight Sophie had a very difficult time going to sleep.  After making her lay in bed for 45 minutes, I caved. I realized she had napped really late today and like anyone else really could not fall asleep yet. So, since there is hardly anything appropriate on TV we resorted to reading, as we often do.  She chose a Bob Book we got at the library this week.  We have tried reading several times, but not too much pressure. Well tonight she read the whole book! With very little help! I was so excited. It is such a joy to watch children grow and learn! I am so glad I caved tonight.


Kayla said...

yay Sophie!! Good job. I did not even remember checking out one of these books but I guess I did because it was two weeks over due when I went in this last week. I went through Avery's tub of books and found it!! She is listening to it now since it's nap time! I've never really looked at Bob books before so I'll have to see if she can read it!

A Joyful Chaos said...

How exciting! It's so fun watching children learn!

ComplyKated said...

Love the Bob books!

Congrats on having a new reader in the house.