Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random thoughts Thursday...

I have a new thrift store desk, $15 desk that is. It sits in my bedroom, small bedroom, so I can now work from home doing Medical Transcription. I am so blessed.

Since starting Medical Transcription I have learned more about grammar, Word, Excel... sort of, and of course medical terminology than I ever imagined. I like it.

Having gestational diabetes is a full time job. I start insulin shots tomorrow. I am not pleased. I had no idea what diabetes entailed, when you are trying to manage it... unfortunetely some people don't. I pray there is a cure for the children and those who have dealt with it way longer than I. I pray mine goes away when the baby arrives.

My daughter is so full of surprises! She keeps us on our toes around here. From her crazy questions and comments to her neverending obsession with "projects" and the weather. I'm afraid her husband will have to get used to numerous unfinished projects all over the house. I love her creativity!

David is teaching Bible Class for the first time on Sunday. I am proud. He will do great! Something tells me completing a CR step study had a little hand in giving him the confidence to say YES, when asked.

French Bulldogs are wonderful.

I am often perplexed by comments on facebook informing everyone of alcohol intake... one is a family member.

I love my new white w/ pink Texas Longhorn hat that my aunt brought me from Texas.

In 4 years I will have been married 20 years! How does that happen... God... thats how that happens. Oh and commitment :) Plus, I will have a 15 year old, 8 year old, and 3 year old. Will I ever have empty nest syndrome? Not for a long time!


The Frugal Zealot said...

I like your random thoughts. I also wonder why people post such things on FB!

The Frugal Zealot said...

Ack! A friend and I were playing around with blog names and my identity has somehow changed! The comment here and above is from Alyssa.

Donnetta Lee said...

Hi, Michelle: My new house is in Edmond Lake Estates--it's a big house-3700 sq ft. Very nice. You need to come see it. Boxes and all! I put up a picture on my blog.

What's this about the diabetes?? Send me a gmail and

I'll catch you up on things and you can fill me in. Take care of yourself. D