Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The final countdown....

For some reason I feel like I am in the final countdown of this pregnancy, 9 weeks to go. Maybe it's because I go to appointments every 2 weeks now, I don't know. Or, perhaps it's because I am so ready to be finished. I was never this anxious with my other two, but then again they were a breeze compared to this one.

Many have asked how I am doing. Well, it varies from day to day. Most days are good. I am still battling to keep my glucose level below 120. I have until Friday to bring it up, otherwise I will start the shots. So far I am measuring only a week ahead, which is good. My prayer is that the baby does not grow to big, so I can have the birth experience I am praying for. As of Monday I am off of "modified bed rest!"

Am I going back to work? Not teaching. I am working as a medical transcriptionist from home. It is very interesting and challenging all at the same time. I was blessed to have this opportunity to stay home and work, thank you God!

Tomorrow my aunt arrives from Abilene! We are all looking forward to her visit. She will be making me some cloth diapers while she is here. I am so excited!

Off to put Sophie back to bed.... that silly girl!

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Elizabeth Mullins said...

You are doing great and looking great! I am glad that you are able to work from home too!