Friday, April 30, 2010

Random thoughts Thursday... technically it's Friday

  • This wind is incredible, annoying and I would like for it to stop.
  • Upon my Dr.'s order's I started "swimming" today. Actually I just walk around. I am hoping to relieve the Sciatica that I have been battling, which has gotten progressively worse I might add,  have some felt some relief today, however, developed a painful groin due to exercising new muscles I guess.
  • Got a call today that I have high glucose results, I go back Wednesday for a 3 hour glucose test. I am praying that it was an isolated thing and that I don't have Gestational Diabetes, I'd rather not add that to my list.
  • I have an ultrasound in the morning to check the placental tear and growth of the baby
  • I have a friend who recently found out she was pregnant, when Sophie learned about this she asked, " did she take her temperature on the pee pee stick like you did mommy?", she continued to ask HOW does a mommy know when she might have a baby in her tummy.... that was fun explaining, I'll spare those details. 
  • David is still feeling the after effects in running in the OKC Marathon Relay coupled with playing basketball that afternoon ... his neck and back have been giving him fits to say the least
  • Davis is wrapping up OCCT testing tomorrow. Tonight he informed me that there were 4-5 questions over Shay's Rebellion, he said they barely covered it in class, he was so frustrated. I could not remember any details about Shay's Rebellion, however,  I do remember learning something about it... back in the day
  • We have 3 caterpillars captured, we are hoping to witness a cocoon and butterfly appearance, with my luck they will be plain ol' moths, but a beautiful transformation, none the less
  • We also have a bird nest on our back deck with 6 birds that have hatched, I am afraid the mother has abandoned the nest. The last 2 days when I have looked, from a distance, w/o touching etc... she has not been there :( I'm hoping I am wrong.
  • Well, I got up to take Tylenol for Sciatica, I am finally feeling relief, better head back to bed...


Michelle said...

Pretty sure I just saw the mama bird fly out of the nest! YAY!!!

OK Chick said...

his wind is incredible, annoying and I would like for it to stop. AMEN!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Your plate is really glad you trust in the Father!

P.S. I hope Davis does well on those OCCT's too. My youngest blew it off last year and ended up losing an elective in 8th grade because he scored poorly on one of those tests and had to go to reading improvement class!!! What really irked me was that they take the test in April then don't tell you the results until September. I actually spent $300 on a Speedreading course for him last summer only to find out a couple of months later in school he had to do that special class based on the April test!

Lisa C said...

Busy, busy life! Girl, you do it all! I am glad I know about this blog now.... ;)

Kayla said...

Avery caught a caterpillar hoping to see it change but it just died. I have no idea what they need to eat!!!??