Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random Thoughts thursday, almost missed it!

I coached MS Cheer this year, we are having try-outs tomorrow ... it will be a long day, I can barely watch some of them.

I hate that I have zero time to plan or actually cook something gluten-free, I can't wait for summer!

On that note my job was eliminated, looking for a new position... who ever heard of special education jobs being cut???

There are at least 3 piles of CLEAN clothes I need to re-fold and put up, why am I on here??? Maybe because I was at work for 10 hours today...

I've been listening to the neighbor boy do tricks on his skateboard for the last hour, not far from my bedroom window

I have a hard time being random...

What a boring post


Gena said...

Teaching school all day has a way of sucking random thoughts right out of your brain. I'd say these are pretty good. I'll ask around about might ask Lisa Curl. She a special ed. teacher somewhere.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I'm sorry about your job...maybe an answered prayer?

Donnetta Lee said...

hahaha After the days we put in at school, it's a wonder that we can think at all!

I HATE folding laundry. Let it go til the last minute.

Hope the cheerleading came out okay today.

I think we all have spring fever, too! D

Tara said...

The worst is when you let the clean laundry set so long in the basket that it's all wrinkled and you have to put it all back in the drier. Or when your hubby wads up everything you actually took the time to lay out and piles it at the foot of the bed...ok, I have WAY to many thoughts on laundry. :) Hope you all are doing well. Will pray for your job search. Sometimes God gives us an out when we don't know we want one. Good luck.