Thursday, April 9, 2009

Random thoughts thursday, almost missed it!

We are off to LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) tomorrow, the Anatole is an awesome place to stay

Ikea I will see you on Saturday!!!

I had no idea what fires could do so quickly until today... devastating! Midwest City of Ember, I am praying for you tonight :(

I scored a 60% on a "Could I survive poverty" evaluation yesterday, very interesting to say the least. Most of the teachers did not score that high, i wonder what you would score?

Purcell is Quarter Horse country?

Today I could not cut out a full circle for my students, they died laughing... my creation looked like a very fluffy bottom in my words, they used a different term of course

You need to make a huge effort to attend Celebrate Recovery @ MRCC on June 5th, it will be AMAZING!

I love KFOR4, great coverage! I like Chellie too :)

I paid for $5.00 of gas today with all coins, don't ask!

Why am I always in a hurry?

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Donnetta Lee said...

Michelle: You have a very nice blog! What a handsome family. I forgot to say "happy birthday" yesterday--so "happy belated birthday!" Will see you at work tomorrow and we'll have more fun! Donnetta