Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tidbits about me

1. How often do you go over the speed limit? Very rarely, i was pulled over 3 times in the last year.... only 1 ticket.

2. Do you dance like crazy when no one is looking? No... but I sing like crazy.

3. If you were going to be stuck on a desert island which book, movie, and which CD would you take with you?  Redeeming Love, Sabrina, Norah Jones

4. What did you get in trouble for as a kid? talking in class, talking back, interrupting my mom on the phone, later... skipping school.

5. What really gives you the creeps? pedophiles, spiders

6. What was your favorite toy when you were a kid? Claire Abby, my Cabbage Patch doll, a hand held Pac-Man game, my radio/tape player

7. You run into a friend while shopping. Where were you? Target or thrift store

8. When you fall asleep are you usually on your side, stomach, or back?side while preggo, stomach otherwise

9. If fat or calorie intake were not an issue, what food would you consume the most? McD's french fries, pizza, chocolate cake, ice cream

10. If you could hire one of the following, which would it be: Driver, chef, maid, or stylist? maid

11. What movie have you watched the most? Sabrina and Steel Magnolia's

12. What perfume do you wear? Eternity

13. What was your favorite sitcom growing up? Little House on the Prairie, Brady Bunch, Roseanne (don't judge)

14. What were you doing the last time you had a really good laugh? I was being covered w/ vaseline chest down to bottom of tummy, then wrapped with saran wrap all while naked... again don't judge..... then draped w/ casting strips to make a belly cast of my last pregnancy. Sophie and Moni my SIL got a real kick out of it! Sophie kept saying, "mom, it's just us don't be shy", I plan to post a pic after it's decorated!

15. What was the very first concert I ever attended? Clint Black & Alabama

16. Who is the 4
th person on your missed call list? my mom

17. How long does it take you to get ready in the mornings? these days 30 min. or less, hope it's not to obvious

18. When is the last time you went to the mall and what did you buy? March or April to buy a maternity belt

19. Ever go to camp? LOVE camp! Sierra Bible Camp in Ca., and Camp Yamhill in Oregon

20. Do you collect anything? books and cookbooks


Kayla said...

pregnancy cast??? What is this for? So confused!!

Michelle said...

A belly cast is a keepsake of your belly and chest if you choose. Google it and you will see decorated ones.