Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Birth's 2010

Haven't been as consistent about posting as I would like. I love to look back at my old posts from time to time and catch up on what we've been doing around the Brown house, as I seem to forget things a lot.

So, Davis we want you to know we are overjoyed at your decision to put on Christ in baptism last Sunday evening (January 10, 2010). We know that you have have been contemplating this decision for quite some time. Your decision to follow Jesus makes us so happy. We have prayed from the very beginning of your life that you would commit your life to Christ. We will continue to pray that you live for Jesus in your daily choices, struggles, and victories. And don't forget Sophie's comment to you as we were leaving the church "Brother, thank you for getting baptized!"

With that new birth for 2010 we are also anticipating the arrival of another birth in August, as you know. Sorry I haven't been myself these past weeks. I know I have been grumpy, tired, unenergetic, and a bit snippy at times. Unenergetic is not a word by the way. Things should and will get better. I am 11 weeks along and symptoms are slowly subsiding, thank goodness because it's hard to teach those middle schoolers when I feel so crummy, much less can hardly run to the bathroom. Sophie thank you for all the name suggestions, I am certainly keeping them in mind. In fact one of your girl names is a front runner. Davis I could use a little help here! Any boy names you can think of?

Well it's time to get motivated and take a shower...

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