Sunday, November 15, 2009

My camera is no where to be found!

Therefore I can't post any pics! I've been wanting to post a few from the CR retreat we attended over Halloween weekend. I have a great pic of Colt as Colt McCoy and Daniel as Sam Bradford, it's adorable. FYI: Colt and Sam, you know you have arrived when little boys are dressing up as you for Halloween :) Just in case you ever read my blog! Amy maybe you can tell Colt :)

So, my kiddos. This last week flew by. Only one to go then a short week and we will be celebrating Thanksgiving! It will be nice to see Aunt Joy after not seeing her for several months. Today we are going to enjoy a nice dinner w/ Nana to celebrate Thanksgiving with her. Then to the info meeting for LTC. Davis, I'm excited for this event again this year! I praise you for making the commitment.

Our weekend consisted of me feeling under the weather most of the time, some sinus/cold junk :( Davis, as usual I loved cheering you on at your FB game Saturday! loved watching you catch those passes! I also greatly appreciated your help with all of the leaf raking. You were so thoughtful to make a pile for Sophie to jump in, since she had talked about it several times. Who would have known she would have taking a nap for over 3 hours. She was thrilled to jump in to them today, even though they were wet. That girl! Oh, and the cutest thing you did this weekend Sophie... you wanted to find the current Bible story you are studying Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus, in both of your Bible's, then you so carefully marked the pages and had them ready to take to church. You were so prepared and proud... then they were accidently left right on my bed :(

Can't believe the weekend is coming to a close. BIack to the grind tomorrow.

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Elizabeth Mullins said...

I hope you find your camera soon! I would be lost without mine. I have enjoyed your most recent posts...very sweet! Have you talked to Amy about a visit sometime?