Thursday, November 12, 2009

A fast week

So kids it has been a pretty good week. Sophie I hate that you were sick on Monday with a high fever, however, it was short lived and you were better by Tuesday afternoon. Davis you can't seem to get enough of this new xbox of yours. Thankfully you respect the limits we have set. Not to mention you are so responsible with your school work. We don't ever have to push you to do your homework or nightly reading of 20 minutes, thank you for that!

Sophie, tonight you were whisked away by your aunt Moni for a sleep-over. You'll be back early in the morn. So, we'll have our "girl's night" next week :) I'm sure more than once, even if you decide to invite the boys like you usually do. Your so considerate of others.

So Davis, this weekend we get to watch you catch a few at your FB game. You did great last weekend and I'm sure you will again. It is so fun to watch you! You have no idea! Not to mention your sportsmanship you have always showed.

Well guys, I'm sure I'll write more this weekend,
Love you

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Donnetta Lee said...

Hi, Michelle! Hope this finds you well. I'm doing soso. We've been to FL and finally back home. Had an ultrasound this morning--checking the liver. Been a little under the weather but getting better. I'm putting in one week per month at the school. How is your new job? Miss you! Donnetta