Tuesday, March 17, 2009

While on vacation

We left last Friday evening to drive to New Mexico to visit my mom, brother and his wife. The plan was to drive the 4 hours to Amarillo and spend the night. To my surprise we hit a snowstorm around Shamrock, TX. Luckily my SIL Moni called to warn me that the weather was pretty ugly between Shamrock and Amarillo. I quickly pulled in to the nearest hotel. The desk clerk was so helpful and helped me cancel the reservation I had in Amarillo, due to the bad weather. We had nice room, however, I was starving!!! As many of you know my family has the goal of NOT eating out the month of March... well I caved that Friday evening. Due to my diet restrictions there are not very many simple foods I can grab and go... like a PB&J for instance. So, I ran to get a grilled chicken salad at McD's to end my growling stomach. Davis was very unhappy w/ me! He refused to get anything. I was a little guilty, however, realized that we did pick a bad month to not eat out, with a vacation planned and all...

So we got up early and headed to our final destination, Ruidoso. The trip was smooth. We did stop one more time for food out of necessity, and perhaps poor planning on my part. Since we have been here we have not eaten out once. We plan to stay comitted to NOT eating out when we return home.

As for the vacation. We are mostly relaxing and spending time with the fam. We did venture to the zoo and White Sands on Sunday afternoon. Mostly i am just enjoying doing nothing!!! and being surrounded by family, and tall trees!

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Daniele said...

Have a great vacation and sounds like so much fun!