Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Thoughts...

Not as good as last week.

I discussed a student of mine today with the Speech Pathologist, I mentioned my concern for some of his issues, she told me that was called "okieism" speech, not actually a disorder, but very common. She actually put Oklahoma in the dialect box of his speech evaluation! I actually think she is not the first person to do this.

My little Sophie did not want her hair fixed today because people might call her "cute" .

I really like Archie on ER, sad to see it is the end of the season.

I get great satisfaction cleaning the bathrooms, I did that tonight.

We have a student from Saudi Arabia living in our home. First time to have a male. We have had 6 girl's, none from Saudi. We are learning a lot about culture. So far we know that he loves white bread, and sliced cheese very much. He is not fond of fruits or veggies. He is used to eating with his hands and sitting on the floor. Sophie walked in to his room last night unannounced, sorry Hasaan.

My 10 year old still likes me to "put him to bed". So I better honor his request, it is way past his bed time.

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Gena said...

That's funny about not wanting anyone to call her cute. I'm sure that might change one of these years.....