Thursday, February 12, 2009

At the Brown House

There are many things to post, yet I haven't had the time or desire. This has been a long and unfortunate week.

To start things off Sophie began the week on Sunday with a high fever that lasted until Wednesday morning. Then it was Davis' turn and he started running a fever Tuesday evening and is still running one as I write. I will be taking him in to the doc tomorrow if it hasn't let up. He is miserable. Then David returned home from ever making it to basketball and was in bed by 9pm tonight, Davis quickly followed. I'm also not feeling so great. No fever yet.

The tornadoes on Tuesday afternoon wreaked havoc on this area as well. We drove through the north part of Edmond this afternoon and it brought tears to my eyes. As does any other tornado damage that I have seen. It just hurts my heart for the families enduring this natural disaster.

Tuesday we also got word that David's cousin's 12 year old son Connor was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. By yesterday he was in ICU and on a vent. As of now all we know is that he did start improving some this morning. He was not moved from Amarillo to Dallas Children's. We are praying that he continues to improve;please join us.

To finish out today we have added two canines to the Brown family. Yes, we did have a dog that we got last summer. She was an amazing escape artist. She would jump fences at the drop of the hat. She got out a few months ago and was never found. Last Friday we decided to take in a small black pom... she was not fond of children or men, very aggressive, and nipped a few times. Today we returned her to the rescue and decided to try two of her other dogs that she had. One is a Sibernees (cross between Pyrenees and Husky) and a Calahoula mix. I am hoping they will be great additions to our family. So far so good... they are sleeping soundly outside in the same dog house.

So that's a brief update on my family. Sorry it was a bit of a downer. I will post more about our new pups, who are adorable by the way! Please pray for Connor!

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