Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm Alive....

Not only is that my favorite verse in a song by "Leeland", it's what I have to say about myself. My life has been a whirlwind these past few weeks. Woking fulltime is kicking my hiney. I actually do enjoy my job but balancing work and home is a real challenge.

In addition to being busy working and the such I had two sick kids last week. Sophie developed her 1st ear infection by Thursday. She was miserable to say the least. I know earaches can compare to a terrible tooth ache. Poor girl! In addition to that Davis ran a fever and had flu symptoms off and on all week and missed 3 days of school. I pray that David and I stay healthy. I don't think my Principal would like me to miss anymore days since I have only been at her school since March 5th.

Today I spent the whole day at a Celebrate Recovery leader training. It was GREAT! We even got to see and hear the founder John Baker from Southern Cal. I have been rejuvinated.

When I arrived home I headed to Choctaw to pick up a new table and booth I bought on Craigslist. It is so neat! We had one growing up and I always loved it. I have been looking for one for my small eat in kitchen and finally found it! Not too fancy but it does the job :) If you haven't discovered Craigslist I highly recommend checking it out! We have bought and sold several things using it.

I actually got pulled over after I pulled a u-turn on a small residential street on my way to pick up this table. The kind officer responded well when I informed him I was on my way to pick up and item I had bought on Craigslist and that I had not been pulled over in over 10 years. He said he uses Craigslist all the time and then wanted to know why I was pulled over last :) I was speeding down Blvd. one night going 42 in a 35 in case you were curious. :) So here are a few picks of this thing I bought! Enjoy.


Dana said...

I'm glad you're liking your job, Michelle. I'll bet that is a huge adjustment! I'm a Craigs-lister too. It's such fun!

Christi said...

Love the new booth!